Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to the Arisbe Network

It's a long story. There is going to be an evening in honor of murdered Archpriest Alexand(e)r Men(n) in July, and I need to update the web page I created for our last conference back in '04. I was hosting as a subdomain on, and went there to try a file transfer operation, just to see whether I remembered the password, and discovered that my free site was not for five years but for three, and had expired in November. Luckily I remembered the password for my domain forwarding -- and luckily I hadn't gone through with the change of registrar and DNS server to my now former host. So I have redirected web traffic here, and may even change the name on the masthead. ArisBlog is just too cute. Especially if you are clueless about Charles Peirce and Arisbe. Here goes!

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