Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Long time no update.  At least here.  But now I'm back.  For a while this blog was a sort of dummy to point arisbe.net to when I didn't have anything else.  Now I have a good bit going on out here in Kyberstan, much of it set up as subdomains  --  I had a brief hiccup in my forwarding service when I forgot to renew it  --  it was with a different company than my registrar.  Which was not my choice, but just sort of happened when domain registration was privatized.  Or something.   The upshot is, I transferred it all to Namecheap, and got to have a whole bunch of subdomains, and got back the email addresses I was using years ago.

You know you're on the Upper West Side when you pass a guy walking his King Charles cavalier spaniel down West End Avenue wearing Crocks over gym socks.  On a cold day.  One pink Crock.  One purple Crock.  Now how gay is that?
Last week the kid and I were watching CSI New York;  a couple of days later the waitress at the corner diner, who had not seen it, told me the real story  --  of a woman who bought a new Chanel evening dress and come up in rashes.  From formaldehide.  It seems that the dress had been bought before and returned  -- after the burial.
TTFN, peeps.

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