Thursday, February 05, 2009

A New Look

It's been a while again.
If I am to continue with my economic, social, political, cultural, religious, and spiritual commentaries, I shall do so independent of my former connections to parts of what calls itself the Conservative Movement, one of which dates back to the middle 1960s, in fact to the year after I joined Mensa.  Come to think of it, I cut my ties to Mensa a couple of years ago, in a passive sort of way  --  my annual renewal notice started to look like just another bill, and not a very urgent one at that.

Let me clear the air about a few things, if only to warn off former associates.
Jacques Maritain, Gabriel Marcel, Thomas Merton, Swami Abshiktananda (Dom Henri LeSaux, OSB), Dom Bede Griffiths, OSB (Swami Dayananda), and Dom John Main, OSB, are my heros.  If I am damned for this in the eyes of the Feeneyites in the Lefevre swamps of false traditionalism, so be it.
I petitioned for and obtained a Transfer of Ritual Church to one of Byzantine Rite and Slavonic usage, not because I reject Vatican II but lack the balls to curse the Pope in public, but because I fell in love with Berdyaev when I was sixteen or so  --  yes, for those of you who are keeping track, even before I joined Mensa.  Along with Quaker educator Rufus Jones (not to be confused with the jazz drummer of the same name), he is one of the stars by which I still steer.
And even before that my father taught me that racial hatred and contempt are among the worst sins of our country and our world.  I have never turned my back on that truth, though so many attempts to promote equality in the past few decades have turned out to be misconceived and disastrous.
Like the war.  Like every war I can think of;  even that between the States.
I remain active in Communion and Liberation because Don Gius got it.

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